Briana M.

We were referred to The A Team by longtime friend Shianne after she had such a great experience refinancing her home several months back! And she was not lying! The A Team made the entire process so easy, and so smooth. If you’re looking to refinance or buy/build a home, I highly recommend The A Team! Not only were they able to save us some money, and get us a great rate on our refinance, but they worked with our busy schedules and made the entire process a breeze!

Kimberly L.

My husband and I are closing on our dream home this coming month and we couldn’t have done without The A Team. They took us from 2 individuals with a dream of a home (& not the best credit) to giving us step by step what we needed to do to qualify. They worked diligently and communicated constantly with us in order to get it done. We then got approved and they’re guiding us through every step until closing.

10/10 recommend – they assisted my family and now they’re making it happen for us too!

Brandi A.

The A-Team delivers everything their name implies. The entire team is knowledgeable, communicates clearly throughout the process, and works diligently to get their clients the very best rate. We’ve had the pleasure to work with Anthony and the team on multiple loans and we can recommend them with confidence!

Emmanuel L.

Great, great experience as a first-time homeowner, I truly didn’t know all the steps. But Anthony and the group helped us navigate through the entire process making the experience really comforting. They walked us through the approval all the way to the closing. Their relentless work ethic to get you the home you desire is truly appreciated. Extremely professional and easy to talk to. We love The A Team and Anthony for all the work they have done for us! They have made owning a home a reality and I couldn’t be more satisfied and grateful for that, may God bless them!

Jason P.

I’ve had the pleasure of using The A-Team twice in the past 4 years. This is the only lender I’ll ever call for purchase or refi. This team has become more than just my lender, they’re friends.  If you want THE BEST Lending team, THE BEST Service, and THE BEST Rates…You want THE A-TEAM! Thank you, Anthony and The A Team for making dreams come true!

Carruth H.

Amazing customer service!!  I called The A Team because I was entertaining the idea of refinancing when I heard rates fell at the beginning of Covid-life.  Anthony Williams talked me through the steps and processed to expect, and from the first phone call, I knew I was a future customer of The A Team.  I began to send him the necessary documentation and he scheduled the appraisal for a day or two later.  Once the appraisal was received by his office he was able to get us a finance rate that was far better than expected.  The team constantly checks in, keeps you up to date, and informs you of what to expect next.  They clearly delegate very well and communicate as a team within their office- as there are several staff members that are in touch about various things.  If you’re needing to finance a new home or refinance your existing home I highly recommend giving my friends at The A Team a call.  They’ll be prompt and upfront from the first call!

Allie P.

We refinanced with The A Team and it was the quickest refinance we have ever done. Everything ran smoothly and everyone we worked with was extremely nice and professional. I highly recommend The A Team.

Amy C.

Thank you Shianne Conerly for connecting Brent and me with The A Team.  We were able to significantly lower our interest rate and therefore our monthly note without extending the life of our loan.  This was the most pleasurable and user-friendly process I’ve ever experienced dealing with a finance company.  Sincerely grateful!

Melody N.

As a realtor, I continue to recommend The A Team because over and over they take great care of my clients. Today a client sent me this,

“Thank you for pointing us to The A Team. What a HUGE improvement over Rocket! Saving us a lot of money and they’re great to work with. “

Any time there’s a bump or hiccup, curveball, etc they can solve the issue and move forward to closing. Whenever I think there will be delays (not due to anything The A Team did,) they work around the clock to resolve things and close on time. This is crucial when people take off work and have moving crews set up. Even a 1-day delay can be a huge inconvenience for people and they do everything they can to prevent delays. They always answer my questions the same day. Love working with them!

Anthony N.

By far one of the easiest and best customer service ever! The A Team helped me from the very first step to the very end and even now!! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy a home! Their level of professionalism is top-notch!!

Scott G.

Anthony and his team provided top-notch service from the very first contact through the closing. This was our first new home purchase, and Eustis made it as easy as possible along the way, answering every question patiently and promptly. Even when I had questions sitting at the title company for closing, he walked through the numbers with us.

We happened to be introduced to The A Team through their partnership with Alvarez Construction, and it could not have been a better result for us. 10/10 would recommend!

George K.

Well, these guys have done it again! Never cease to amaze me. Completed my 4th deal with The A Team. Just when I thought my rate couldn’t get any lower, my guy got it done. I contacted Anthony and said this bank is offering this, do you believe it? Did he say oh yea? Hold that thought, I’ll do better! Unbelievable! I firmly believe if the A team can’t do it, no one can! Absolutely the only team you should call when purchasing/refinancing a home. As always, thanks again Anthony and the The A Team! Absolutely amazing and flawless. There is no better team out there. Don’t question it. Give them a call and let them prove themselves as they’ve done for me time and time again.

Dania A.

The best experience ever!!!!

I went from a horrific situation to the most phenomenal experience you could imagine. I only wished I had met The A-Team from day one! After trying to work with a local lender for 2 months with no success it took me losing the home and being quickly introduced to Mr. Anthony to enter the smoothest mortgage transaction. He explained everything where a newbie like myself walked away understanding what was going on. The fact that he took the time to educate me on my options let me know I was working with a true expert! I could only imagine what my home buying experience could have been like if I met him in April! I regret nothing, it made me appreciate him and his team so much more! 17 days ago I thought this was not possible, but he was on it the same day I gave him my information to begin and stayed consistent and amazing all the way to closing! I will recommend The A Team to everyone. Even while I’m at the bank getting my cashier’s check for closing I am bragging to the virtual teller how astonishing The A Team is. Anthony, Kristyn, and Amy helped me so much! They promptly answered every question and constantly made me feel like I mattered or better yet like me succeeding at owning a home mattered as much to them as it did to me. That’s the relationship you not only want but need from your lender. The app they use is so helpful and user-friendly. The notifications are in real-time! The cherry on top for me was the beautiful personalized gift. I was speechless! It shows how much they take pride in creating homeowners. I will never forget this wonderful experience it made this whole process worthwhile. Thank you to everyone involved with The A-Team I am so honored to have worked with such professional and incredible people.

Donald S.

Anthony and his entire team really made a typically stressful process painless and easy. As a first time buyer I felt confident at every step and that’s all thanks to them!

Justin M.

Anthony and his team have been one of the most welcoming and fulfilling group of individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. That goes for my history of buying anything, much less the greatest purchase of a lifetime, a home for my family. When many other mortgage companies downright refused to even speak to me, due to my limited purchasing power, they treated me like a human being and we went through our available options, made a plan, and once I was capable they assisted me and did everything in their power to get me in the position to purchase. As much as it was my responsibility to do my job to be able to qualify, they came through and did everything else to get me approved. It truly was an experience that will stick with me and guide me through the rest of what my life will bring. Many times Mr. Anthony called me personally and discussed the process and what he was physically seeing in the system when many other companies are headed by individuals you won’t ever speak to. I recommend Eustis and their team to anyone willing to do the work but also need the best available in the business.

Mike W.

Awesome team to work with. Closed on our house in 18 days. Very professional all around. Would definitely recommend this team for your mortgage needs!!!

Courtney M.

The A Team at Eustis was great!!! They kept me informed every step of the way and were quick to answer all my questions and alleviate any worries I had. I would recommend them to anyone. Led by Anthony, he and his team put me in my first home!!! Anyone would be lucky to have the A Team in their corner.

Sharla M.

Working with The A-Team was a breath of fresh air! They communicate weekly with all parties involved. This makes us a TEAM! Thank you all for your professionalism AND your CARE for everyone involved. I can’t wait to work with you again!!

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