Behind The Scenes: Life of a Lender

Behind The Scenes: Life of a Lender

No matter what day of the week (or time of day) works for you, our team is here for you! Consider it lending on YOUR schedule. We would like to take you behind the scenes of Senior Loan Officer and Branch Manager, Anthony William’s day! All it takes is one call or DM, and you’ll find him doing THIS behind the scenes for YOU:

⁣⁣✅Running credit simulators to maximize our rate option quality and reduce costs for our borrowers by showing potential ways to increase their scores.

✅Watching past customers equity positions to alert them when they may be able to get out of PMI or it is an opportune time to save money by refinancing.

✅Always remaining cognizant of their closing date and watching steps throughout the process to ensure we deliver on this date.

✅Contact Title companies to verify closing costs/fees and make sure borrowers are not overpaying when using an unfamiliar title company.

✅Watching the interest rate market like a hawk to properly advise of times to lock in and capitalize on the market.

✅Communicate daily with Realtors, Builders and Referral partners to make sure we are all on the same page in your home shopping or financial needs. ⁣

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